Playing Touch Rugby in Bangkok is a great way to meet people. Men and women usually play mixed, and all skill levels are welcome at the weekend social Touch Rugby.

The sport’s presence in Bangkok started around 13 years ago when a group of girls associated with the Southerners set up the Southerners Touch Rugby section. Regular training was held alongside the rugby team and the Touch Rugby section soon evolved to include men.

Since then other teams have come and gone, but the Southerners have always been a constant factor in the Bangkok Touch Rugby scene. Currently the Southerners are the only full-time Touch Rugby team in Bangkok (apart from the school teams) so to get our fair share of games we like to tour in the region as well as organise competitions here in Bangkok.

The Southerners Touch Rugby section holds a special role within the club, as our team includes dedicated members, as well as players from the other sections: rugby, netball, cricket and social members. So it is no surprise then that Touch Rugby is one of the best introductions to the club, and an excellent way to establish a social network in Bangkok!

With no formal Touch Rugby league currently running in Bangkok, The Southerners host two weekly sessions for players:

Tuesday  8:00 – 9:00 PM at the Arsenal Soccer School Grounds, Sukhumvit Soi 71, sub-soi 21. Southerners members only (new members are welcome to try out a few times, but we prefer to welcome players who already know the game and the rules). Please call or email ahead to confirm as the pitch is sometimes closed.

Saturday at the Arsenal Soccer School Grounds
10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Open to all: members and non-members
Please call ahead as we sometimes move locations.

Joining the touch section of the Southerners club costs THB 1500 for the year (from February) and you will be eligible for certain benefits, and of course be a part of a great group of people. Adults (members and non-members) pay THB 200 Baht to play each Tuesday and Saturday.

Membership for students under 18 years old is THB 1,000 for the year. Students of all schools, whether they are members or not, pay THB 100 each session.

** During the July and August months, Tuesday touch will be open to all, members and non-members. This is due to summer maintenance with venues being closed on and off, so keep a look out for changes.

Basics of Touch

6 players per team.

The aim of the game is to run over the opponent’s line and put the ball down on the ground. This is a touchdown or a try. The team with the most tries wins.

The ball may only be thrown backwards, never forwards. No kicking.

The attacking team will run forward and try to run past the defending team.

The defending team will stop the attacking team by touching the person with the ball on any part of his or her body. This is called a touch.

As soon as the defender has made a touch, the whole defense must retreat 5 meters, otherwise they are offside.

When the attacker is touched, he or she needs to put the ball down on the ground and step over it. This is called a roll ball. Somebody needs to pick it up and pass it. Then the game continues.

An attacking team is allowed 6 touches. After the 6th touch the ball is given to the other team, who then become the attacking team.

Possession will also change if the ball is dropped or passed forward.

TIPS: if you are attacking, stay behind the ball so that your team mate can pass to you.  If you are defending make sure to move back 5 meters every time a touch is made.

Click here to download the FIT rules

Email Jim Carroll for more information: touch@southerners-bangkok.com