By Leanne Nicholls


Over the Halloween weekend a mixed squad from Southerners White, Gold and Red headed to Phuket to play two teams from The British International School.

Congratulations to everyone who all played and made the weekend a huge success! We were victorious in all 2.5 games despite the hangovers, lack of air con and some very competitive yummy Mummy’s!

Thank you to our Southerners Social Secretary Mackie Elwell for organizing the weekend magnificently with help from Kari Olsen.

The tour kicked off Friday with some pre-match preparation on Walking Street Phuket, or as locals call it ‘Lard Yai’, or as we call it Skank Street.

Our Southerners Gold Co-Captain Laura Dziamarski led the evening’s activities ensuring that the mix of teams bonded over numerous shots and dancing on any stage possible. But she stayed responsible to the end by somehow paying her rent at the ATM on the way home at 2am.

We miraculously all made breakfast and headed by bus to The British International School, hopeful that our dull headaches would have eased off by the first whistle.

The British International School offered two teams – an Under 18 girl’s side and their Mums… We totally miscalculated the Mums. Life in Phuket obviously suited them! Super tanned and toned – after the first quarter we started to realize we were in for a very competitive game. One Mum said; “You girls look so professional” then another piped up and replied, “don’t over estimate their uniforms!” Game on!

Team 1 played the Yummy Mums first, and Team 2 played Under 18s – then we switched.

After some confusion on the actual court lines – Team 1 got into their stride against the Mums. Nikkita Olsen (GS) was on outstanding form and combined with some strong center court action from Lizzie Molloy (C) and Patrice Chappell (WA), we managed to build a decent lead.

With the Mums swapping in fresh legs for each quarter, it was a tough game but with some tremendous effort in defense from Faye and Mackie we were very sweaty but happy winners!

Team 2 also won their first game against the Under 18s. The Phuket side put up a good fight – their shooters were basketball players, making play in the D effortless and showing some seriously speed in attack. Great determination and skill from Kari Olsen (WA) and Jani (GA) saw them finish triumphant! In addition they were playing without regular position shooters – so it was an impressive achievement from all the team!

In the next round, Team 1 played the Under 18s – some of the Southerners started with worn out wobbly legs (ok that was just me) and we were nervous of their new opponents youthful stamina! But Team 2 had obviously ran them ragged and we secured an easy win.

Team 2 then faced down the Mums who now had something to prove! It all got a bit heated when the Phuket Mums teams Center took on Southerners Gold Co-Captain Kylie May. Big mistake! Some solid defending and outplaying from Kylie saw her opponent stomp her feet (yes really) and threaten to leave the court. But luckily things diffused and it all ended amicably. It is a friendly after all!

The final game was a complete mix up of all four teams. Play resumed at a slightly less frenetic pace for two short halves before breaking for some well-earned lunch in air con.

We recovered by the swim up pool bar at our hotel, then enjoyed an evening of mango margaritas, plenty of fines, shots, Joss, dancing, more shots and debauchery which continued well into the early hours on Sunday!

Special thanks to our umpire Ali Hones, who was unable to play due to an earlier Bangkok dance floor toe injury. Ali also excelled in her role as ‘Beer Buddy’ along with Lizzie who together taught us a lesson in Russian drinking stamina and the health benefits of Joss.


Fines outstanding… to be paid at the upcoming Southerners Ball:

Laura – For fining people, aggressively and too early on. It was excessive.

Mackie – #SportsCouple Sorry James this will never be forgotten.

Jani – For having the best scum bag boyf story.

Kari – For over sharing about the shower with Jak.

Nikkita – For stopping traffic crab scuttling to the beach.

Amy – For being the most drunken. Twice.

Phuket Tour photo