2006 Guinness 20/20 Challenge

This years 2006 Guinness 20/20 Challenge gets underway the weekend June 3rd & 4th. 8 teams in two groups playing 20 over matches with some slight modifications in the rules to make it enjoyable for all to play regardless of ability.The main aim again is to raise funds for the continuing development of junior cricket here in Thailand especially in the rural areas. Southerners Cricket is actively supporting junior cricket in Petchabun.

Each team will enter a final in this tournament with each final being graciously sponsored as well as Man of Match awards being sponsored and donated by cricket supporters in the city. Teams will compete for the following finals whose sponsors are noted.


Man of Match awards for all finals are donated and supported by TNS who is again a great supporter of Southerners Cricket.

Ball sponsors for this years tournament are InMED and LITTLE INDIA RESTURANT. Thanks to both of these supporters for their never ending support.

ROUND 1 Results

SOUTHERNERS 5/174 (Walter Persaud 54*, Peter Goodchap 43) defeated MAXWIN CC 7/124 (Sunny 40, Khan 2/10, Anthony Dupont 2/5, Andy 2/14, Saurabh 2/16) Guiness Man of Match – Walter Persaud

BCC 8/122 (Anowal 29, Giresh 25, Gurpreet 4/6) lost to SIAM CC 6/123 (Richard 30, Gary C 28, K.SINGH 2/15) Guiness Man of Match – Gurpreet

Chicha CC 9/130 defeated Punjab CC 9/104
Guinness Man of Match – Sunny (Chicha CC)

Champions 10/134 (Mukesh 55, Vinay 3 wkts)
defeated Aditya Birla CC 10/128
Guinness Man of Match – Mukesh (Champions CC)

ROUND 2 Results

SIAM CC 4/85 defeated SOUTHERNERS 10/84
Guinness Man of Match – Tony Slatter

BCC 7/156 (Nirmal 48) defeated MAXWIN CC 10/66
Guinness Man of Match – Nirmal Rajendaran

CHICHA CC 8/166 (Sunny 65) defeated ADITYA BIRLA CC 9/146
Guinness Man of Match – Sunny


ROUND 3 Results

SIAM CC 5/84 defeated MAXWIN CC 3/78
Guinness Man of Match – Richard Bowater

BCC 5/153 (Girish 69) defeated SOUTHERNERS 10/47
Guinness Man of Match – Girish

CHICHA CC 10/139 (Magdoom 58) defeated Champions CC 6/129
Guinness Man of Match – Magdoom

ADITYA BIRLA CC 9/185 defeated PUNJAB CC 5/118.
Guinness Man of Match – Akash

Finals Results

Global Turf Plate Final – Mawxin CC 8/116 defeated Punjab 6/89
(TNS Man of Match – Sailesh)

Essential Travel Bowl Final – ABCC 4/160 defeated Southerners 129
(TNS Man of Match – Vinay)

Guinness Shield Final – BCC 8/105 defeated Champions CC 9/104
(TNS Man of Match – Shyam)

Guinness Cup Final – Siam CC 8/143 defeated Chicha CC 142
(TNS Man of Match – Richard)

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