Yesterday’s heroes: In Uganda

The Southerners don’t discriminate against gingers (much), and neither do Uganda’s Entebbe Mongers RUFC. Toby Eveleigh, the great former Southerners backrower, recently embarked with his girlfriend Tash on a six month voluntary teaching/nursing stint at an orphanage run by the Kids of Africa program in Uganda, situated halfway between the cities of Kampala and Entebbe. […]

Yesterday’s Heroes: In Istanbul

Chris ‘Wagga’ Doherty recently traveled to Turkey to meet up with several of yesterday’s Southerners heroes and a few other blokes as part of the Asian Rhinos‘ 25th Anniversary Tour. Here’s his report… Brendon Jones (now in Mauritius), Dick Perkins (still styling in Bangkok), Wagga (now in Perth) and Ron Rutland (now in Cape Town) […]

Yesterday’s heroes

They say “once you become a Southerner, you’ll forever be a Southerner”.    Actually, it’s debatable whether anyone has ever really said that, but the sentiment is certainly alive and kicking the world over. With countless Southerners men and women having retreated from Thailand into the geographical bosom of somewhere usually much slower and less […]