Bangers 37 – Southerners 5

It would seem the phrase “every dog has its day” was proven a wise one that Saturday, as the Bangers deservedly reclaimed the 33 Cup after a long Southerners’ tenure. The match began well for the Southerner’s with an early try masterminded by Churchy and touched down by Callum. A very well drilled, heartily sized and healthy numbered Bangers side controlled the match from then on against a mixed team of old and new boys in the black, green and gold. The Bangers’ forwards controlled the breakdown and enjoyed tight possession for the majority of the match. All of the Southerners defended furiously throughout the match and at the end of the day did the jersey proud. Hats off to the Bangers for a well played match, the better team on the day won and deservedly so. With that said, a loss to our expat neighbors is never taken lightly and I am sure the boys are anxiously awaiting a chance to reclaim the cup!