Southerners 3’s stalwart “Funky” Dave Baker made good use of some down time from the 3’s before they get back into the run home for the finals starting May 6th @ Polo.
Funky decided to do abit of sport fishing during the break in cricket so he could cleanse the mind and prepare himself for a hectic 5 weeks of cricket to come.

Following the hobbies of Aussie greats Matty Hayden and Jimmy Maher, Funky decided to get in some fishing down at the local sports fishing pond outside Bangkok recently. After several hours in the sun, similar to a day in the field at AIT, Funky caught a blinder to reel this monster cat fish to shore.

Being the conservationist as he is, Funky however decided to let this monster go back into the pond so it could live to fight another day. Yep, another one put down, just like the days fielding at AIT.

Cricket action resumes next Friday with the 2’s taking on Thai Colts at Pattana.

3’s take on Maxwin at the Polo on Saturday and then Sunday 14th, sees the 3’s take on Champions in the last game before finals.