Southerners White – Div 2 Runners Up!
White vs Soi 8 won 15 – 13
White vs Mad Dogs lost 11 – 17

Southerners Black – Div 1 Champions!
Black vs Tigers Gold won 25 – 4
Black vs Transpo won 23 – 17

Southerners White
Brilliant effort ladies! It was to be a tough first game from the very beginning with Southerners White team aware of a closely fought game against Soi 8 the previous week, so the pressure was on! Sanj and Karen played a very strong mid-court game, working hard to shut down the Soi 8 attack while Sylvie and Nicky, aimed to keep the Soi 8 shooters under wraps and out of the shooting circle with their defensive skills. Great effort from our 2 shooters – Sims and Anita – who after settling into their own shooting a moving around the circle routine, successfully managed to help lift the Whites through into a play off for the final against Mad dogs. The opposition proved to be as strong which resulted in a well contested game. Our girls worked hard right through to the very end, leading in goals at the end of the first half. A strong Mad dog team managed to pull through into the lead in the final 10 minutes of the game, but not without a fight! A very well played game by a team dedicated to giving it 110% on the night – Well done ladies!

Southerners Black
Our first game surprisingly shocked us all – what appeared to be an extremely well and hard played game by both Southerners & Tigers- the results proved that Southerners had in fact played a stronger attacking game. The Tigers worked as hard throughout the court but weren’t able to finish off the shots with our strong defense team in their circle and putting the pressure on! This also came from a combination of great driving throughout the midcourt and top shooting! Both Tigers and Transpo proved to have strong players in defense but Hodgie and Em found their mojo and were firing them in from anywhere in the shooting circle! In both games, it was very fast throughout the court, which at times saw the ball travelling a little too quick, particular players finding their footing ‘offside’ (sometimes on purpose, sometimes not!!) and me screeching from the sidelines to ‘settle it’, but the game remained clean and fair, which wouldn’t have been possible without 2 switched on umpires! Many interceptions were made along with a little extra pressure coming from our quick mid-courters Emma P, Lisa & Sasha. The shooters in opposition were constantly reminded of how well our defensive team can work – in between the great tips, intercepts and strong rebounds made by Stanners and Mel – our GK also gets bonus points for successfully playing strong and pushing her partner to the point of ‘rolling around the floor in frustration’ – literally!!

What a performance ladies – from a sidelined captain – I’m proud of you guys & damn proud to be a Southerner (emotional enough hey Wagga!)…

A special thanks has to be made to our faithful supporters who have made it week after week to support the girls on court – even more so last night for the play-offs. Hearing ‘Go Southerners’ being shouted from the sidelines makes quite a difference for team morale when on that court but and appreciated a lot (even if you’re sitting on that fence J-Lo..nothing a good shove in the right direction won’t help!!). We hope you’ll continue to support us next Round which kicks off in January.

Thanks also to our sponsors – JP/ Crown for making appearances and supporting & Londoner for “Putting on the Ritz” last night!

Dee & Hodgie

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