Southerners V The British Club

Points of the game:

Prior to kick off Darrel and I talking to Carl about not scoring on the 5 meter line due to the football pitch markings on the Patana field and him then taking the piss out of us only for him to do it himself 30mins into the game. Carl also getting smashed by a small thai guy.

Kirk running around like a headless chook (notice the Southerners influence on chicken ). Deservedly man of the match, great game Mike Gadd getting snapped in 2 by Morca’s shoulder charge. Which then allowed Morca a wee sit down for 10 minutes due to the yellow card!

JMC crying after the final whistle and then going on to embarrass himself with his after dinner speech and cutting Skinnys grass

Momo for his mixes martial arts judo throws throughout the game and giving penalties away for doing so

Cameron for his jumping up in the air and crying out like a little school girl after scoring and then proceeding to jump up and down all the way back to our re-start positions

I cant really think of much else that happened ? Top after match turn out in Patpong though!

Richie ‘The Baron’ Perkins

The final score was 22 – 11 and the 3-2-1s were as follows:
3 – Kirk
2 – Mike Gadd
1 – Mark Anderson
Congratulations to Kirk for being nominated by the BC as our player of the day and for to the rest of the team for winning the Ambassador’s Cup for the second year running!

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