The Southerners competed in the Bangkok 7s at the Police Stadium on 27-28 October. As we know, no one likes playing 7s (except Kirk Kahu). And no one wanted to play in this tournament (except Kitah who lives and breaths rugby in all its forms) but somehow we cobbled together a team, management and beer and gave the tournament a fair crack!

RESULT: Cup quarter finalists.
This means we basically came 5th. We lost to eventual finalists Lloyd McDermott, an Aboriginal invitational team from Aussie.

Game 1 v Laos Dokchampas: Smoked these pretenders by about 40 points. Carl got decked by a Frenchman and Jean got yellow carded for giving a flying knee to him later.

Game 2 v Police: Dominated these 7s specialists in fine style. No yellow cards.

Game 3 v Grammar Carlton NZ: Narrowly went down by about 20 points after realising we had to tackle. Pre-game preparation included a few beers and a snooze in the grand stand.

Game 1 Sunday v British Club: Our old rivals were out for revenge but they never stood a chance. Actually the never stood a chance in the final seconds when we scored ? the rest of the game they were winning. But as usual, we pulled it our of the bag ? actually we pulled it off the touchline as Carl tried to kick it out as we were losing and the siren was sounding ? thankfully I grabbed it and hoisted it infield to Sod who went over.

Game 2 Sunday CUP Quarter Final v Lloyd McDermot: Lost by a try or two. These guys were good. Wagga sustained a nasty giant Wasp bite during warm up and had to be admitted to the hospital tent for injections which put us out of sorts. He played on though.

THANKS: Callum was captain and was amazing. Dazz and Wazz were sterling managers ? kept us well hydrated and bent every rule there was. And supporters Redmond, Calver, Orr, Hodgy, Mel Forlee, Stanners, Amanda, Minnitt, Passmore, Franck, Deans, Marc, Sinclair and Major Ball who took us out and destroyed us last night. Ball and team last seen riding the bull at Carnival in Nana after frommelling and singing anthems in Suk 22 Plaza. Thanks to all. It was a great weekend. Very relaxed, some good footy, plenty of jokes and some hard core boozing. Wagga