Camp Wagga is a weekly fitness boot camp held at Queen Sirikit Park every Monday night. It is free and open to all, although the majority of us are in either the Southerners Sports Club or the Thailand Thaigers AFL Club.


Camp Wagga began several years ago when Southerners Andy Steel and Chris ‘Wagga’ Doherty were looking to do some extra training in the off-season.  Some of the original members included Chris Newport, Gerry Henderson, Colin Johnson, Cameron Sinclair and Andy Redmond.

I took over when Chris Doherty left Bangkok, but I decided to keep the name, Camp Wagga, as a gesture of thanks to the man who gave so much to the Southerners.  Some of my originals included Steve Theoharides, Nick Klein, Adam Pape and Rollin Miller.

These days we have a mixture of men and women who come along to get fit for Rugby, AFL or Touch rugby, or just want to look good naked.

Time and Place

We meet at 6:15pm every Monday at the main gates of Queen Sirikit Park and jog around to the circuit training area on the other side of the park.

To get there from Asoke BTS, take exit 4, go down the stairs and take the immediate right and walk (or run!) down Asoke Montri Road. After about 80 meters you’ll come to a large gate. This is Queen Sirikit Park (if there isn’t a huge lake in the middle of it you have gone to the wrong place).

We meet here and stretch up before jogging over to the work-out area. We do our circuit then jog back to the start point. We will usually be back at the start point by 7:30pm.  Don’t forget to bring water!

The Work-Out

A typical Camp Wagga circuit would involve the following:

  1. 2 laps jog/sprint of the circuit area
  2. 6-10 turkish get-ups
  3. 1-2 minute push-up drill
  4. 5 Superman’s (core exercise)
  5. Tricep dips
  6. Chin ups
  7. Back extentions
  8. One-legged squat
  9. Leg raises (core exercise)
  10. 6 x hill sprints
  11. 3 x ab’s (various drills)

I would like to stress that Camp Wagga is extremely flexible to all fitness ranges. You set your own pace whether it is higher or lower than the rest of the group. The main idea is to work together for motivation.

Skinny enjoys getting to know his fellow Camp Wagga mates well.

We have kept the same basic exercise program for the last year but we often try out new exercises to see how we like them. Anyone is welcome to suggest changes or lead a session. We are certainly not set in our ways.

Hope to see you down there soon!

– Mark ‘Skinny’ Anderson