Replace glasses of wine with gatorade and sexy hitting the town outfits with not so sexy lycra netball uniforms, and there really isn’t that much difference between a Monday night as part of the Southerners White netball team, and a night on the town with a group of awesome girlfriends.

Being a member of Southerners White means that every week you get to catch up with the best group of girlfriends you could ask for.  Hear about each other’s weeks and discuss your hopes and aspirations, be they for the proceeding 60 minutes or for slightly further in the future. Of course not unlike a night out you also get adulation when you score, comfort when you fail, and support and justifications offered to you if you let a bad one in!

While unlike a night out one generally goes home from a Monday night game of netball with definitely more calories burned than consumed, without doubt you are always able to call it a night being able to say you had an awesome time with a great group of mates. And as for Southerners White’s final placement on the league table this season…well all I can say is that you can’t put a weighting on having a weekly hit of great times with amazing friends!

by: Cat Beach