Eight players…only six required.

BTS station identified…exit was not.

We played…we won.

Short words indeed to describe a great fun day of indoor cricket for the Southerners. After a little mix-up in the actual team numbers required, the Southerners got kitted up and Nadeem and Khun Lek sat out the first game.

Paul W lost the toss and was put into bat….what a mistake! With the great experience of Trent and Mehul, Southerners put on the runs….it was net-touch, run, net-touch, run, with Mehul getting a 6 and 4 (no small feat). The total was an awesome 100 for 6 in 11.2 overs, which was easily enough for us to secure the match.

While still recuperating from the wonderful win, the Southos went straight into their next match with Paul and Chicken sitting it out. Again we batted first, this time losing 3 wickets in the first 2 overs!!!! The pressure was on…but some fantastic batting from Zeb, Mehul, Faheem and Khun Lek helped us put on a very respectable 88.

The other team then chased…small mistakes really cost you in indoor cricket, with wides worth 2 runs (the Southos gave a lot away)…it was like Xmas! But after some superb bowling and catching by Faheem, the opposition fell, as others have fallen, and the Southos won with heads high and spirits and singha beers all round. See you next weekend!

Words: Paul Williams