16:00 Meet at Londoner
17:00 Initial fines: wearing real brand name clothing, not bargaining enough on purchases, not having passport, not having money belt, Callum for paying full price for a bum bag, and the twins for drinking hot pink cocktails
17:15 Backpacker quiz. 2 correct answers out of 21. 19 people drink
17:45 Depart Londoner; TUK-TUK!
18:30 Team arrives Gullivers
19:00 First fines; Jet Black for drinking imported beer; Jaz Calver for outrageous things, Momo for wearing a Mumu, Callum for looking like Axel Rose and not sporting an appropriate tattoo
19:30 Marty Challenges Chris to push up wrestle… Marty retires hurt
20:00 Team arrives at Sunset Strip
20:15 Hodgy fined for texting, and fined again for sending the text to Sinclair
20:30 Ann and Debs in push up contest. Richie dons ski goggles and completes 10 push ups on the bar
20:35 Passmore attempts to outdo all-comers with back-clap press-ups, landing on his face after 5 (pulled a heartlage)
20:40 Tour leader, Wagga is missing but sends a text to say he has found the best place but offers no directions or name
20:41 After receiving very clear directions on where the tour group is located, Wagga texts to say: “Cant. See tshe Starct soi, where?”
20:45 Black locates Wagga
20:50 Harris fined for the evenings best T-shirt-
21:00 Wagga leads party nowhere; Black, Perkins attempt to locate a suitable venue from the back of Tuk-Tuk; Marty decides he needs to purchase a suit. Wagga, still standing – amazing
21:15 Team successfully evicts a group of backpackers from Tub-Tims, occupying the back room;
21:30 Momo doesn’t order drinks
21:45 Perkins discovers red porcelain phallus, Smith a Speedracer helmet, and Steel discovers a crab (new mascot, or new tour leader?), others discover Sinclair has no shirt on… again
21:46 Momo Fines Master Sergeant at Arms accused of favoring guys in fines shots 21:47 Momo and Ann ‘rock off’ (paper / scissors / rock) to resolve disputed claim
21:48 Ann accused of cheating in the ‘rock off’
21:49 Wagga accepts fine on behalf of Momo to keep the peace
21:50 Sinclair ‘taped’ on table
22:00 Steel hits Perkins about the chops with a dead fish
22:05 Hodgy shatters Perkins’ red phallus
22:05 Team arrives at Suzies Pub
22:10 Team told to get off the tables at Suzies
22:15 Ting arrives
23:30 Team reconvenes at the Shamrock Irish Pub
23:45 Perkins still smells of fish
01:00 Perkins fails to capitalise, Wagga pours drinks on his head
01:10 Darrel “Slash” Linnott spotted moshing next to Axel Rose
01:30 Sinclair’s nose kicked by feisty Thai bird
01:45 Ting and Sultan rescue Sinclair from the back of a Police truck
02:05 Wagga found declaring his undying love for Hodgy at Burger King.
02:10 Darrell joins rest of Southerners for a ‘love in’ at Burger King
Next day: Reed issues a back-clap press-up challenge at Thursday nights footy practice

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