I had visions of writing a long an witty report on the torrr but have lost enthusiasm so this is all I could manage…(cry me a river)

Report: Cone San Road Torr Slash Muff-Show dot com 2005

Lead-up: Boys were nervous. Some didn’t show. Dress code adhered to well. Good crowd.

Mid Way: Smooth sailing. One man cotched already. Good following of groupies. No one arrested. Everyone slowly breaking. Bugs eaten. Kitty proving a winner.

Outcome: Great night which descended into chaos as the torr became leaderless, Chang and Sangsom took their toll and soi 1 bore the brunt. Boys happy, locals relieved, girls off the hook.

Guys, what a night. The Southerners annual Khao San road tour proved yet again to be a highlight on the social calendar in Bangkok. It was very well attended and the spirit in which the lads and lasses took part was exceptional.

The whole debacle started at Livingstone’s at 7am where we warmed up. Jones turned up in his girlfriend’s technicolour skin tight top which made some sick and hypnotized others. The rules were read, kitty sorted and we made our way for to the sky train and National Stadium. The trip proved uneventful this year since no-one was pushed onto the tracks prompting the emergency stoppage of trains. In true backpacker style we tuk tuked it to Cone San in convoy and first stop was The Hole in the Wall, a veritable Cone San institution. Resembling a Beirut bomb shelter from the 90’s, this spectacularly dingy ‘bar’ saw the introduction of Sangsom fines. Charges were called and fines administered with one unlucky reveler experiencing his come back out his nose. The rest of that stop had him in the bathroom cotching and snorting water in a desperate attempt to flush out the burning spirit. He was fined again for this…

Following ‘The Hole’ we managed to impose ourselves on a few different bars where we managed to pick up some groupies, fine people, eat bugs and generally be loud and obnoxious. Eventually we stumbled up into an Irish bar where highlights included Ultan harassing various birds and scaring everyone with his hat, Ron spading some chicks in the corner and impressing them with stories of his work saving the unique freshwater dolphin species of the lower Mekhong – until he realised they knew something about that and asked him to reflect on the state of the erosion caused by recent flooding and it’s effect on the dolphins. Ron then left. James and Fred were seen trying kiss later on – or so the photos would have us believe – and everyone else was generally acting drunk and trying to pick up girls. Except for Wagga who wondered off for an early night and has since copped it for rendering the torrr leaderless…

That’s all from me guys since I left early and was too drunk to remember much else anyway…

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