Buckle up your bum bags people – the Southerners’ annual Khao San Road Tour will be happening on Saturday, 21 January 2012.

Contact Jenny Hall for more details.

Start: TBC
Meet at: TBC
Wear: Backpacker kit…bumbags, fisherman’s pants, traditional Isaan trinkets, beer singlets, bandanas, dreadlocks, dirty underwear etc
Bring: Personal backpacker background/story – Props encouraged
Don’t bring: Anything a backpacker would not have in KSR. Fines for offenders.


  • Backpacker dress only – strictly no ‘flasherpack’ outfits
  • No imported alcohol, only local stuff
  • No credit cards allowed
  • No mobile phones
  • No indication of your expat status must be shown

As the great Nelson Mandela once said, “To travel is to grow – in mind, body and soul. And there be no better place to travel than Khao San Road; and no better travel partner than a Southerners Sports Club member…”

It’s always an eventful night (in previous years one member got the club logo tattooed onto his arm in full colour…) – all are welcome…current, prospective, old or new members!