The Friday night before the ball was an important night in the history of the club. For the first time in our 20 year history we cast a look back and identified the people who have made the biggest contributions to the Southerners. These people were named “Club Legends”.

The way it worked was quite simple. The head of each section nominated a group of people to make up the selection committee. This committee chose 5 past members to be the rugby, cricket, touch or netball legends. While the process is simple in theory, the actual selection process is extremely difficult. How easy do you think it is to select only 5 names out of all the people who have helped each section develop over the years? What also has to be considered is that many players of the past are no longer around. These people also need to have their contributions recognized and in some cases only one or two current players actually met them.

To cut a long story short, the selection committee had a very difficult job and inevitably, many hard working and committed Southerners did not make the legends list. The committee agreed however that at our 25th anniversary we will consider naming more Southerners Legends.

Club Legends from each section:


Peter Fox

John Perry

Tom Keelan

Chris ‘Wagga’ Doherty

Sodt Jongjet Yimlamai



Emma Perry

Nicole Stanners

Nicole Hodgson

Georgia Boreham

Dana Piggott



Nadeem Youseef

David Kenrewy

Vaughan McClear

Andrew Spedding

Nathan Kincaid


Touch Rugby

Anthony Orchard

Peter Burgess

Linda Belonje

Jim O’Carroll

Raphael Chaise


Honorary Club Legends

David Dufall

Vaughan McClear

Dana Piggott

The legends evening itself was a huge success. We wondered if hosting a big event the night before the Ball would be a disaster. Would people not come because they were saving themselves up for the ball? We needn’t have worried, as the Southerners turned up in droves to honour the Southerners Legends and to welcome the returning Southerners of the past. Or did they all just come for the free drinks?