The idea came as many great expedition ideas come, with an empty pint glass next to a giant map of Asia. As I browsed the enormous landmass looking for inspiration, an area I had not explored and knew little about the perfect location screamed up at me. China.

The route will start at China’s capital Beijing and head south, along some of the oldest sections of the Great Wall, via Xian and finish in Guillan, totalling 2,800km (1750mile). The expedition will be completed on bike with my entire kit for the trip being carried with me. This is an entirely independent expedition with no company, support vehicle or guide to offer assistance or to fall back on.

So along with cycling a distance the equivalent round trip of Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur I am also looking to raise for money for an extremely good cause.

So, I am asking you to help me, help others less fortunate. This cycle will be raising money for the local charity called ‘Ban Rajawadee Home for Mentally Handicapped Children.  This charity offers social and medical support for mentally and physically disabled Thai orphans. Unfortunately like many worthwhile causes it does not receive the required financial support to withstand the increasing demand for their incredible service.

My aim is to provide one interactive learning book and a lightweight wheel chair as a result of the money raised. However, I can only do this with your help. The total for both items is 44,500 Baht.

So please, using the details below and with the description ‘CHINA CYCLE’ please contribute whatever you can – every little helps. The small difference in your weekly budget today, will make a big difference to somebody less fortunate.

You can follow my progress on Facebook at ‘China Charity Cycle 2012‘.
Thank you for your time and wish me luck!

Rich Johnson

Bank of Ayudhya
Bank Branch: Nichada Thani
Account Number: 632-1-00439-9
Account Holder: Marlena Elena Yarbrough and Patricia Kenrick

Alternatively you can just give me the donation in person and I will deposit it for you.