A select group of Southerners Bangkok rugby luminaries are doing their bit for Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health research, raising funds for the Movember charity and slapping a filthy slug down onto their top lip.  By all reports, wives and girlfriends are naturally loving it.

There’s nothing quite like a bit of face spinach to get the competitive juices flowing, hence the rumoured use by some competitors of steroidal facial cream.

This year we’ve seen some cracking entries:

Paul “The Keith Lemon” Bleasdale

Scott “The Charles De Gaulle” Watters

Mikey “The Drowned Rat” Ferraris

Siam “The Carlton Banks” Sattayaphan

Adam “The Lt. Nick Bradshaw, Callsign: Goose” Stafford

Chris “The Tom Selleck” Doherty

Steve “The President Taft” Theoharides

Andy “The Ron Jeremy” Steel

Dean “The Kurtley Beale” Tyacke

Tim “The Guy from the Village People” Evans

Jim “The Paul Senior” Erikson

Admittedly some of their fundraising efforts have been pretty piss-poor, so they need your support!

As far as this writer knows, none of the netball girls are getting in on the act this year.