The Southerners Gold Netballers have been smashing it of late, with a strong run of winning form:

08/02: 24-9 against H&F (Best & Fairest: Alicia)
21/02: 41-18 against Shrewsbury (Best & Fairest: Alicia)
28/02: 33-30 against Tigers Black (Best & Fairest: Renee)
07/03: 47-3 against Tigers White (Best & Fairest: Kara)

The indomitable Carlene Whitten describes the recent win against Shrewsbury (pics from Renee Kieseker, Southerners in yellow bibs)…

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After a long rock, paper, scissors battle with the Shrewsbury captain, we lost the win for centre pass – this was not the case for the rest of the game though. Although we were numerous players down, the seven of us battled hard and won convincingly with a final score of 41-18.

Big thanks to Kushia’s mum Barb for filling in and providing us with some excellent defending and shooting action. She can come and assist us next time the Mad Dogs forfeit…or whenever she wants to help us win!!

With the height advantage in the goal circle, Kushia showed us shorties how easy it is to get rebounds and goals in with great ease.

Congrats to Alicia who scored the Best on Ground (court – whatever!) chosen by the umpires. Her defense lead us to many steals from the opposition.

Emma had some great possessions of the ball and managed to do some really good intercepts.  Fran showed us her PE teacher prowess, with non-stop running around in centre and defense.  Even though there was only one Renee, she seemed to be all over the court when needed!

Last but not least, if you want to know, my ankle is fine, I didn’t roll it too bad, not swollen at all. Also, I think I may have shed a few kilos last night, I swear there was NO air conditioning on while we were playing!

A big high five to all. I had some compliments from the GD Katie, who said it was a very enjoyable and friendly game.