Southernerrrrrrrs Rugby be setting ye sail, in celebrrrrration of another yearrr of rugby.

Cap’n Perkins and his First Mate Lintott be the men fer yer eve, with a special Cap’n’s dinner of BBQ’d swine an’ lash’ns of rum and special brew.

All you land-lubbin Southernerrrs men, get on down to ye Saphan Thaksin Pier for a night of unrivaled de-bauchery and swashbuckling grogery with ye maties, pillaging ye Chao Praya and Khao San Road of all its jolly rogering bounty.

Contact ol’ salty Belly to confirm, if yer been a poxy dog an’ haven’t already. ¬†Arrrrrrr!

Date: Saturday 19 June
Time: 6:00pm
Where: Saphan Thaksin Pier, then sailing ye vessel to KSR
Wear: Blazers, ties, boardies & jandles, thongs or flip-flops (depending on your cultural background).
Other possible bits of kit: Flaregun, parrot, eyepatch, lifejacket, self respect….