Southerners Rugby has just days to go until it jets off to the Kingdom of Cambodia, on a quest to attain the coveted Royal Angkor 10’s trophy.

Tour Captain Darrel Lintott said the men have been working hard in training, studying various avian science manuals and reading up on local history in a bid to impress the local population.

“Matt Munn already has a reputation as one of our most studious tourists, with a particular love of Asian social sciences and anthropology. Since arriving back in Thailand from Hong Kong late on Sunday, he has also been busy studying footage of last weekend’s NZ vs Australia Hong Kong test, looking for clues on how to play a game of rugby, and win. I’m expecting a big tour from the big man,” said Mr. Lintott.

Star southerners winger Gerry Brandreth will also come out of retirement for the tour, journeying from the hills of the Himalayas to Phnom Penh, in homage to the golden jersey (Golden?  Or is it green this time…maybe cammo?) of the great Southerners club.

“Tours are a great opportunity to get the lads together,” said the ever-entertaining Mr. Brandreth. “And there’s no better way to entertain the fellas than with a 1,644 slide epic of my bus rides from Penang to Vang Vien, through Delhi and Bangkok.”

Amidst reports on mass murder court proceedings, Cambodia’s highly esteemed national newspaper The Phnom Penh Post last week reported on the upcoming tournament, featuring a particularly fetching photo of Khun Sodt being taken from behind by a balding rhino.

Watch this space for a tour report and results!  Best of luck fellas!