Southerners Black has just wrapped up their 2010/2011 netball season, competing in Division One alongside Southerners White.  Renee Kelly reports on the season that was…

Southerners Black started the Bangkok Netball League (BNL) 2010/11 season welcoming four new members – Becky, Ves, Holly and Joey. With almost an entirely new team, it did take time for the girls in black to settle and find their groove. This, and a couple of shock losses after the mid-season break, was just what was needed for the team to refocus and everyone to shift up three or four gears – and fast!

It must be acknowledged that with the assistance of the Southerner rugby lads, it was possible for the ladies to get in some valuable practice games right before the commencement of the final games of the season. What a difference it made! The ladies became more competitive and hungry for that ball on court – resulting in the team being undefeated in the final round of the season, beating their arch nemesis, Lawton-Asia A by two goals in the last game.

With a break between the final round and championship finals, the team risked losing their valuable momentum. Nevertheless, in true Southerners fashion, the team gave it their all, and although missing the championship title by the narrowest of margins, they without a doubt finished a convincing second place.

So it was certainly a season of working hard together – we’re incredibly sad that the team will now farewell it’s two young-guns as they extend their wings and move onto great things…like enduring University Orientation week on their return to Aussie! Our best wishes to Becky and Georgia – who was aptly voted our Most Valuable Player award. We wish you both all the best of luck in your future netball games, wherever they may be. As for the rest of the bunch, we can’t wait for next season…Game on!