The Southerners membership expanded in early September with the joyous arrival of Matilda Carole Coulter, a gorgeous daughter to Brad and Claire. Both Mum and Matilda are reportedly doing well.

Of Old German origin, the name Matilda means ‘mighty in battle’. Judging by her lineage, birth weight and height – 9lb (4.08kg) & 54cm – she’ll certainly be mighty on the sports fields in the years to come.

Rad new dad Brad was reportedly itching to get mum and Matilda home to put to use the thousands of dollars of baby gadgetry he acquired in the months leading up to her birth – the nuclear-powered ionic milk warmer, the GPS-enabled baby monitor, the two robot nannies and the carbon-fibre, climate-controlled, bullet-proof, SCUBA-compatible NASA-designed stroller.

Congratulations to Brad and Claire from all at the Southerners!