Southerners once again, entered a team into the Thai National Tournament in October. The calibre of teams ranged from novices to the Thai National team, which made it very interesting. We went from one game where, we got our defensive players to actually drop the ball in the opposing circle several times, just to let their shooters have the ball to try for the first goal in the 4th Quarter,, to being walloped (and I mean that literally and physically) by a university team that was pretty much the Thai National Team.

After the pool games we made it through to the semis where we were beaten and then played off for 3rd place, which we won convincingly. The best thing to see was the improvement from one year to the next with the Thai umpires skills and the cleanliness of the Thai National Teams play.

The best part of the tournament week was the night out after our 3rd place win to celebrate and spend our 3000 Baht prize! The dressing rooms at the Thai National Stadium being as undesirable as they are, we ventured out sweaty and in our kit, ending up at Tokyo Joes on Soi 24. There we discovered many new little insights into our team-mates…

– Keep Kerry away from ordering Margaritas or you will end up VERY DRUNK..
– If Alex EVER tries to set you up with someone she thinks is cute…stay away…
– Seonaid has a past life as a BALLROOM dancer and likes to pull out the hand snap stance when she has had a few!
– Nicole has an inability to estimate big bar bills, thinking that 3000 Baht would cover 15+ jugs of Margarita!!
– Wearing Sweaty Netball uniforms out to bars are (1) One way FARANG women can keep FARANG mens eyes away from Great looking Thai girls….apparently they are sexy? (2) Will help you to pick up new sponsors who are astounded at your dedication to sponsor value!

Team special thanks goes to –
Nicole Stanners, Emma Perry, Seonaid Anderson, Stephanie Dunstan, Kerry Guthrie, Pauline Mills, Cath Gallery, Jenny, Donna and Alex for helping us out, as well as JP and Cam for supporting us!

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