The inaugural trip of the LST (Linda’s Southerners Tours) was responsible for subjecting its party to an inordinately good time. While it certainly appeared to the unsuspecting that this ‘good time’ was a largely accidental occurrence there is a school of thought that believes that rather more Machiavellian style planning went into this venture than had previously been advertised and we shall be eternally indebted to Linda (of title fame) for her subtle yet cogent qualities, her undeniable organizing abilities and her uncommon air of grace of charm which at once, relaxes and seduces – and, in short, forms a queue.

Surely the lucky participants of this first excursion should not have been exposed to such a level of fun without psychologically preparing themselves beforehand for such intensive frivolities.

We were very fortunate to have a tremendously good-natured, humorous and just plain happy group of people to share the experience with and I am sure that outside the sheer fun we all got other things from the trip, some well publicized and some less so. Not counting the sexual exhaustion, grass burn, effects of the misuse of an array of substances and currencies, a variety of STI’s, and a total of one, as yet, unexplained pregnancy there were simple pleasures to be had plus, of course, the good feeling generated by the sterling (albeit fruitless) on-field performances, camaraderie, and the distinction of being able to remember each other’s, as well as our own, names now.

Actually, I thought our play was pretty good and improved across the two games we played. If we had had the luxury of a third I’m sure we would have been…virtually unbeatable. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the other members of the squad who made this first trip unreservedly enjoyable. Linda, Kanun, Andrew, Jim, Chris, Ting, and Delphine who is, very obligingly, nurturing our quickest sub, in-utero – thanks to all of you for your uncommon friendliness and lack of inclination to highlight my obvious inadequacies and addictions (much appreciated).

I suspect the next venture of LST may be rather better patronised now that we all have stared in the reality show and can regale all and sundry with our multiple escapades. They don’t call it ‘Touch’ for nothing.



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