After touch on Saturday, the gang made their way to Eddie’s house, an awesome bachelor pad with a rooftop tiki bar.  Thirsty players quickly found the booze coolers and within moments the bar was permeated by a festive atmosphere. The first food off the barbecue was a huge salmon, absolutely delicious, and it was quickly followed by sausages, chicken and picanha.

As the day progressed, drinks and conversation flowed faster and the music became louder.  As darkness set in, made worse by billowing barbecue smoke (my bad), host and BBQ leader Eddie initiated a fine fine session.  One of our Froggie members complained about the elected fine committee, but Eddie quickly clarified that a fine session is run as a dictatorship, not a democracy. Many drinks and loud songs later the fine session broke apart in an avalanche of laughter from most and tears by one.

The hard core then moved downstairs to watch South Africa succumb to New Zealand with a lively indoor running commentary by Sopo, more food and yet more alcohol. The host lost his way between the sofa and the kitchen, a lady or two ended up in the spare bedroom, and whoever remained evaporated in a puff of smoke.
Thanks Eddie for the great hospitality!