They say “once you become a Southerner, you’ll forever be a Southerner”.   

Actually, it’s debatable whether anyone has ever really said that, but the sentiment is certainly alive and kicking the world over.

With countless Southerners men and women having retreated from Thailand into the geographical bosom of somewhere usually much slower and less appealing, paths are still crossing and the Southerners spirit still lives on, albeit via slightly creakier bodies.

Some have now married or had children. Some have furthered their education. Some are still freaking out about the scourge of greenhouse gases. Others are still plowing away for their local sports team, quietly chalking up goals, tries or runs with effortless abandon. Many look back with fond memories of those many frosty ales shared in the depths of the Bat Cave or on the neoned streets of Banglamphu…or of the battles waged on the sports fields of Bangkok and beyond.

Now into it’s 16th year, the Southerners Sports Club remains an enviable force known (at times notoriously) across the world.

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