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Khao San Rd Torrrrrr 2007

16:00 Meet at Londoner 17:00 Initial fines: wearing real brand name clothing, not bargaining enough on purchases, not having passport, not having money belt, Callum for paying full price for a bum bag, and the twins for drinking hot pink cocktails 17:15 Backpacker quiz. 2 correct answers out of 21. 19 people drink 17:45 Depart […]

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Khao San Road Tour April 2006

The inimitable Marco Polo once said “to walk amongst the travelers is to be but a fleeting breeze in an Afghan storm”. With this prose resonating around us, the Southerners 2006 Khao San Torrrr was underway. We were the fleeting breeze and that road, that travelers Mecca that is Khao San, was our Afghan storm. […]

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Khao San Road Tour 2005

I had visions of writing a long an witty report on the torrr but have lost enthusiasm so this is all I could manage…(cry me a river) Report: Cone San Road Torr Slash Muff-Show dot com 2005 Lead-up: Boys were nervous. Some didn’t show. Dress code adhered to well. Good crowd. Mid Way: Smooth sailing. […]